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Sep 7, 2024 - Sep 10, 2024

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LED Light Lashes involve a slightly altered application technique than traditional eyelash extensions. The biggest difference is the adhesive type used, and the curing technique. We are amongst just a handful of salons across Chicago to offer LED lashes & Training. A special LED lamp is used intermittently to cure each lash individually and completely. It is an advanced technique, where a high level of skill and precision are needed, but when done by an experienced professional, the results in terms of retention will generally surpass those of traditional eyelash extensions. It’s safe and has been well tested and we absolutely love it! Benefits of LED lashes Due to this curing method, the bond is instant, extremely strong and oil resistant. No more worrying about Humidity being a factor. If your clients are prone to very sensitive eyes and tend to find regular lash extension application irritating, in most cases, this will completely eliminate any irritation from adhesive fumes, and your clients will have zero redness after the treatment. Allergies (normally characterised by puffy, swollen eyelids) to eyelash extension adhesive aren’t eliminated with regular LED, however the chance of them is lessened. We now have a second LED adhesive that is more resin-based and does not contain the same primary ingredients, and in fantastic news, we are finding that most individuals who have previously been allergic to regular lash extension adhesives do not react to this one! There are a few circumstances where LED lashes are contraindicated – if you are on photosensitizing medications/have photodermatosis, have epilepsy, hemophilia, are undergoing cancer treatment or have active skin cancers, it is not recommended.

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